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I am 60 years old, but, to say the truth, both physically that mentally I show at least ten of it, in less and, thank goodness I am “healthy as a fish” and I am completely autonomous (I don't look for, neither they serve me, badanti or assistants).
I am widower and, I live alone currently to Fontanarosa, a town in the province of Avellino, in Campania (Italy).
I/you/they have been gotten married for few years, and, because of an illness of my wife, illness that has been cause of its death, has not been able to have some children.
I work to the dependences of the State and I am a teacher of Primary School, that is I have taught to his/her children since 6 a 10 years. It is a job that I like a lot and me from also so many satisfactions, over whether to give me such an income to allow me a wealthy and such life to be able to adequately sustain the burden of a family.
I like to be in company (fortunately I have many friends) and I have as affairs: music, theater, poetry, painting, books, computer, fishing, to go for the woods looking for mushrooms, to live in the social one, etc. etc…
As I have already said, I am a serious, reliable and kind person and I am not looking for adventures or other.
What I look for is a serious, honest, sincere and reliable woman, that knows how to reciprocate my love and that can give me the happiness to have one or more children.
In exchange for this, I am ready to give everything myself, but, it stays understood that for me the love, the trust, the way of living together is made of “reciprocity” and the two people that a couple forms have to faithfully involve him and equally the one verse the other.
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Laura, Sofia, 53
dinelina, S?fia, 25


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City: FontanarosaMap ofFontanarosa
Currently in:Fontanarosa
Born on:08/28/1951
Last login:08/06/2018 18:39
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Personal Information

Height:5'6 (167 cm)
Weight: 152 lbs (69 kg)
Body type:normal
Education:some college
Profession:teacher / professor
Marital Status:widowed
Want kid(s): Yes
Profession:I am a teacher of elementary school (perhaps next year I retire), however you can find others my news on Facebook [Ferdinando Ruzza], to this link:!/profile.php?id=100001558240159
Wishes to get:LOVE
Favorite artists:Pink Floyd, Jetro Tull, Genesis, Van Der Graf, Rolling Stone,....... Lucio Battisti, Francesco De Gr
Favorite movie stars:I don't know,... I go little to cinema (alone it is not beautiful to go to cinema) and, to the TV I rarely watch movies, I prefer the telefilms (they last less)
Favorite authors, poets, books:I like books a lot, (I have a rich library with more than all the son-in-laws' 3.000 volumes) and I have also written a book of poetries
Seeking:relationship, marriage
Hobbies:The fishing and to go for the woods looking for mushrooms
WEB site:!/profile.php?id=100001558240159

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what's on your mind?
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Age:from 33 to 60 y.
Height: does not matter
Weight: does not matter
Are looks important:important
Is intellect important: important
Body type:slim, average, normal, athletic, well rounded, chubby
Education:no education, high school, some college, associate, bachelor, masters, PHD/post doctoral
Eyes:green, brown, hazel, gray, blue, black
Hair:brown, blond, red, black
Income:< $25,000, $25,000 - $50,000, $50,000 - $75,000, $75,000 - $100,000, > $100,000
To work as:information technology, marketing / advertising, service sector, sales, accountant / finance / banking, doctor /dentist / resident / nurse, culture / arts, teacher / professor, blue collar, professional athlete, student
Marital Status:single, divorced, married, separated, widowed, in a relationship
Kid(s):No, Yes, 1 child
Wants kid(s):Yes
My Date →:The important thing is that I/you/he/she am Serious, Loyal, Honest and Affectionate. I look for a woman with which to live together and not a "star" or one "small doll"