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What each one of these buttons does?

You like this person, but they will not know about it, unless there is a match between the two of you.
When do I use this button?
When you like someone, but you are being shy and don't want them to know.
(let them know)
You have indicated that you like this person and when they click on, Who Favors Me they will see you in the list.
When do I use this button?
When you do like a member and would like them to know about it.
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Who Favors Me
In Who Favors Me you will see everyone who has clicked on Yes (let them know), while looking at your profile.
Who I Like
In Who I Like you will see all members where you have clicked on one of the two Yes buttons.
Matches is where you find members that you like and they like you back.
Viewed Me →
In the Viewed Me area, you can see the members who have visited your profile and have read your personal information..